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Apples for Deer and People, too
Please take a moment and read some of the information about our apples. These trees have had tremendous amounts of care given to them to promote healthy form and root growth.  We grow and sell what we consider to be the best disease-resistant commercially-available apple cultivars.  Each year, we spend a lot of time searching for rare and/or unique apple trees to add to our experimental orchards.  With us, it's all about disease-resistance, ease-of-care, and fruit production for deer.  We consider this a work in progress, but, with the help of botanical gardens, home gardens, and the apple germplasm repository, each year we add a few trees with excellent potential.  When we have more of these trees than we need for our own purposes, we are happy to share them with you.

Apple fruits occur in many sizes.  Accurately speaking, a crab apple is any apple less than 2 inches in diameter.  Regardless of size, apples vary in taste, texture, and ripening dates among genetically different trees.  Because apples typically don't grow true from seed, this characteristic results in a diversity of tree types.  As long as deer like them, we do too.   
Some viewers of this page might find the above photo distasteful.  If so, sorry.  However, when we see deer poop under a tree we are researching, it makes us very happy.  We have traveled extensively in search of the best fruiting trees for deer.  It pleases us when we can share those trees with you. 
Unlike the small fruit trees offered by mail-order companies, most of our trees begin bearing fruit in our nursery rows.  Because heavy fruiting at a young age can stunt a tree's growth, we shake most fruit from their limbs.  However, we always leave fruit on a few trees of each cultivar to determine ripening and drop dates.  For example, this Liberty apple still held some of its fruit on November 2.  Here, that date coincides with the peak of our deer breeding season (i.e., The Rut).  The way to a doe's heart is via her stomach.  During rut, the way to a buck's heart is via a doe.  Follow our logic? 

For descriptions of the apple trees we have for sale, please click on this link 
Apple Tree Descriptions
We are grateful to Secrest Arboretum at Ohio State University for allowing us to study their crab apple collection.  Click the link for more photos of apples offered by Wildlife Growers   Apple Photos

Our 2014-15 sales year has ended