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Pears for Deer and People, too
We're constantly searching for one-of-a-kind pear trees that might well serve your deer management needs.  Mrs. Clyde and Mr. James Price generously agreed to share Clyde's Christmas Pear, so that we can offer this winter deer treat. 
When considering pounds of fruit produced during a tree’s life, no orchard tree outperforms the pear. Under favorable growing conditions, a mature, full-sized pear tree produces 3-30 bushels of fruit each year. At 58 pounds per bushel, that’s a lot of deer food and nutrition. We continue to search for and test pears to find the most productive and disease-resistant varieties. Therefore, availability will change over time, as our collection of mother trees grows. 
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Our 2014-15 sales year has ended
For descriptions of the pear trees we have for sale, please click on this link 
Pear Tree Descriptions
Pear fruits come in all sizes and all fruit characteristics differ greatly among trees.  Five pear cultivars account for most of the U.S. production based on human demand. That leaves thousands of pear trees, rare grafted ones and seedlings, that receive little attention.  We spend much effort and money testing relatively unknown trees for their disease resistance and other desirable traits.

Many of our pear trees like Ella Nichols (above) were found growing at old home sites.  Most were grown from seeds, making them unique. We collect grafting wood with landowner permission to produce a few of these historical trees for us and our customers to enjoy.    

Ambrosia, above, for more pear photos, please click on this link  Pear Photos

We believe the most underutilized pears for deer orchards are the Old Home x Farmingdale hybrids!  For their story, please click on this link  OH x F Hybrids 
After studying trees from the Old Home x Farmingdale experimental crosses, we have identified 4 that excel at qualities we look for in deer orchard trees.  We are growing them now and will release them for sale next year under the names of Fatal Attraction, FullDraw, HoofBeat, and PeakRut.
(Sorry, but pre-orders from last season exhausted our limited supply of these pear cultivars). 

Click HERE for information about 
Fatal Attraction